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Zimego Mini Importation/e-Commerce Success Tutorial DVD Series -- Volume 1

Zimego Mini Importation/e-Commerce Success Tutorial DVD Series -- Volume 1

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Zimego Mini Importation/e-Commerce Success DVD Series Volume 1

Due to popular demand, we are replacing Zimego Mini Importation Success Club with Zimego Mini Importation/e-Commerce Success DVD Series.

This is because many people complained that our membership club was eating up a lot of data and they'd prefer tutorials they can lay their hands on and use repeatedly without any extra cost.

Here's what's covered in DVD Volume 1...

1. How to pick the right niche and products that will sell fast

Many people import products that they find difficult to sell for months. That is money tied down. With this tutorial, you will learn how to check if a product type will do well in Nigeria.

2. Intro to Facebook/Instagram adverts

It's like turning on a tap that brings a steady flow of customers if you know how. This is an introduction/overview to how it works.

3. Why and how to create a buyer persona

You can't sell to everybody if you want to succeed in marketing. This video tutorial will walk you through the critical steps in creating a customer profile you'll make serious profit selling to.

4. How to use a buyer persona to create a winning Facebook ad

After creating a buyer persona, the next thing is learning how to create a winning advert from it. This tutorial will show you how.

5. A walk through an ad I set up for a group of products on my ecommerce store

Here, I pull back the curtain and show you how I create winning adverts on Facebook/Instagram. I don't just show you how. I show you the exact adverts and words and techniques that help me get the best results.

This DVD (volume 1) will sell for 25k from 1st October. But if you pre-order on/before 30th September, you'll get it for JUST 15k.

Note: We'll start delivery to those who order on the 30th of September. Shipping cost is included in your order, provided you live in Nigeria.