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A-Stock vs B-Stock


These are items that are brand new straight from the manufacturer and have NEVER been displayed in a show glass, used in a demo, etc. Usually, we will ONLY open these on your behalf before shipping down to Nigeria just to ensure everything is as advertised. They are usually complete with the manufacturer's full warranty.

However, compared with B-stock, they don't represent the best value for your money because you are basically paying for the same thing. In fact, some people prefer B-stock because you can be sure it's been checked and works perfectly.


Items we list as B-stock are items shipped from overseas that fit one of the following categories (Note that some sellers offer them as A-stock)...

i. Ex-display from a manufacturers trade show.

ii. Ordered in error by a customer overseas and then returned in mint condition and so can't be sold as A-stock.

iii. Belongs to a discontinued line and so we are able to buy it at a cheaper price.

Every B-stock product we sell will come to you in mint condition unless we state so expressly on the product page. Furthermore, every B-stock product is covered by our 1-year warranty so you can rest assured we aren't cutting corners.